Thursday 6:30pm-8:30pm

On the eve of SALT, there will be a session on Semantics and Inclusion/Diversity (SAID), organized by the SALT Steering Committee. This is a new initiative to help us figure out how we can ensure that our conferences and our field are fair, safe and open to all. Keynote speaker: Lynne Tirrell, University of Connecticut. Tirrell has combined detailed, theoretical work on language with the human reality of monstrous events. She has related work on transitional justice and apology, forgiveness, and reconciliation, as well as work on metaphor, storytelling, pornography, and feminist theory. She is Past Chair of the APA Committee on Public Philosophy. After Dr. Tirrell’s presentation there will be a mildly structured discussion of issues of inclusion and diversity in our field, and what steps can or should be taken. The session will include an introduction to the COSWL pop-up mentoring initiative. All are welcome and encouraged to attend! Light refreshments will be offered.


8:00-8:50 Registration, breakfast
8:50-9:00 Welcome
9:00-9:40 Alexis Wellwood Structure preservation in comparatives
9:40-10:20 Nicholas Fleisher Than Clauses as Embedded Questions
10:20-11:00 Sophie Moracchini Evaluativity and Structural Competition
11:00-11:30 Break
11:30-1:00 Poster 1
1:00-2:30 Lunch
2:30-3:10 Milica Denić Domain alternatives of disjunction and triviality
3:10-3:50 Moshe E. Bar-Lev An implicature account of Homogeneity and Non-maximality
3:50-4:00 Break
4:00-5:30 Poster 2
5:30-5:45 Break
5:45-6:25 Amir Anvari Logical Integrity
6:25-7:25 Amy Rose Deal
7:25-9:00 Informal buffet dinner in the department


9:00-9:40 Uli Sauerland The Thought Uniqueness Hypothesis
9:40-10:20 Matthew Mandelkern & Jonathan Phillips Force: Morality and Context
10:20-11:00 Márta Abrusán Protagonist Projection
11:00-11:30 Break
11:30-1:00 Poster 3
1:00-2:30 Lunch COSWL Popup Mentoring
2:30-3:10 Naomi Francis Presupposition-denying uses of even
3:10-3:50 Jon Ander Mendia Epistemic Numbers
3:50-4:00 Break
4:00-5:30 Poster 4
5:30-6:00 Business Meeting
6:00-11:00 Party at the MIT Museum


9:00-9:40 Dylan Bumford Sloppy binding into relative superlative descriptions
9:40-10:20 Wataru Uegaki The problem of presupposition projection in question-embedding
10:20-11:00 Maayan Abenina-Adar & Yael Sharvit Domain uniformity in questions
11:00-11:30 Break
11:30-12:15 Nina Haslinger & Viola Schmitt Scope-related cumulativity asymmetries and cumulative composition
12:15-1:15 Benjamin Spector
1:15-1:30 Award & Closing

Poster 1   Friday 11:30-1:00

Floris Roelofsen and Wataru Uegaki Do modals take propositions or questions? Evidence from Japanese
Gabriel Martínez Vera Superlatives across domains: Evidence from degree achievements in Southern Aymara
Mary Dalrymple and Dag Haug Reciprocal scope revisited
Timothée Bernard and Lucas Champollion Negative events
Deniz Rudin Rising imperatives
Serge Minor The Habitual Imperfective and Evaluation Plurality
Deniz Özyıldız Overt Quantifier Raising derives factivity and its prosody
Keely New and Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine The expression of exhaustivity and scalarity in Burmese
Carina Kauf and Hedde Zeijlstra Towards a New Explanation of Sequence of Tense

Poster 2   Friday 4:00-5:30

Scott AnderBois and Pauline Jacobson Answering Implicit Questions: The case of ‘namely’
Nicole Gotzner, Stephanie Solt and Anton Benz Scalar implicature and negative strengthening in different types of gradable adjectives
Mora Maldonado Strong plurals and d-linking in Spanish interrogatives
Sascha Alexeyenko Modeling quantification in event semantics: evidence from habituals
Keny Chatain Gaps in the interpretation of pronouns
Richard Stockwell Ellipsis in tautologous conditionals
Milica Denić and Emmanuel Chemla Quantifier spreading in child language as distributive inferences
Friederike Moltmann Situations, Alternatives, and the Semantics of Cases
Jon Ander Mendia, Ethan Poole and Brian Dillon Spurious NPI licensing is covert licensing

Poster 3  Saturday 11:30-1:00

Ciyang Qing Diversity of intervention effects: Unifying three Mandarin dou constructions
Bernhard Schwarz and Alexandra Simonenko Ways and reasons: probing the semantics of how– and why-questions
Ivano Caponigro and Anamaria Fălăuş The functional nature of Multiple Wh-Free Relative Clauses in Romanian
Frauke Buscher How do compositional semantics and conceptual structures interact? – A case-study on mental attitude adverbials
Elizabeth Coppock and Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten Forces at the interface of gradability and quantification
Émile Enguehard Comparative numerals revisited: scalar implicatures, granularity and blindness to context
Nicole Gotzner, Jacopo Romoli and Paolo Santorio More free choice and more inclusion: An experimental investigation of free choice in non-monotonic environments
Andrea Beltrama Emphatic “just” and “simply”: the semantics and pragmatics of metalinguistic exclusives
Kathryn Davidson, Annemarie Kocab, Laura Wagner and Andrea Sims Verbal form and event structure in sign languages

Poster 4   Saturday 4:00-5:30

Thom van Gessel, Alexandre Cremers, and Floris Roelofsen Polarity sensitivity of question embedding: experimental evidence
Stephanie Solt and Jon Stevens Some three students: Towards a unified account of ‘some’
Carla Bombi Definiteness in Akan (Kwa): familiarity and uniqueness revisited
Katja Jasinskaja and Claudia Poschmann Projection to the speaker: Appositives meet coherence relations
Robert Pasternak Thinking alone and thinking together
Luis Alonso-Ovalle and Aron Hirsch Keep “only” strong
Zhuo Chen Unifying three uses of dou in event semantics
Paul Marty Towards an Implicature-Based Account of Disjoint Reference